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Review the following summaries that offer proven solutions for tutoring your own children, homeschooling, developing a tutoring business, improving schools, and other self-help materials. Underlined PDF links are for free downloading. It is the author's desire that you will find the materials valuable and useful. Use them for your benefit to help attain the guaranteed results shown here. This website includes proven answers showing HOW to:

Attain 4 to 10 times current results of U.S. schools

Guarantee one grade level in 36 hours of tutoring or gain 2 to 5 grade levels in one school year

Click here to review a summary of the P.A.L. contents and manuals offered by the author on this website. These proven results evolved mostly in the private sector after he had taught in the public system for about 10 years, and subsequently developed a private school and learning centers in three states. For further direction, email the author at personalassistedlearning@


Personal Assisted Learning

This is the Personal Assisted Learning (207 page manual) that offers the guidelines that have attained the above proven results. It can be used in schools, for home school families, tutoring, and for developing learning centers.

Rebound Learning For Phonics Mastery and Spelling

The value of these mini-trampolines is taken from the PAL manual. They are often considered as the most efficient and effective form of exercise that exists. The charts that accompany this chapter are also found in the PAL manual linked above.

  Better Schools articles

The articles offer proven improvements to what the author saw and experienced as he taught in the public school system and in learning centers he developed. These summarized ideas will attain the above results while helping schools reduce their costs. Whether you are a school administrator, teacher, or concerned parent, you will find many useful ideas for improving our schools and getting better education results.

 Teaching Activity Package System (T.A.P.S.) 

This proven, almost cost-free physical education program, was developed by the author in a public school. The program taught dozens of fitness and recreation skills while increasing levels of physical fitness. Staff and students got to know and respect each other, and the teachers needed very little preparation time for directing their activities.


Here are 72 popular stories the author developed to read along with the PAL tutoring program. They are offered here, as possible stories to read to young children and/or have them read to the parent or teacher. Some of the contents have lessons to discover.


Having done a great deal of study, and drawing from the author's experiences, he offers the following manuals. As above, the PDF writings are FREE, and offered for your benefit. Click on the underlined item of interest to view the material.

  Swimming Instruction

This manual offers direction to teach swimming for all levels of students, and is based on the author's 20 years as a Water Safety Instructor. Illustrations and games are offered within this manual. Instruction is designed for individuals or groups.

   Solutions For Making Changes In Ourselves and Society   This lengthy and well-thought-out article makes it clear that we can make personal changes, even to the DNA level. This is verified by well-known quantum physicists, and is offered here in summary by best selling author, Bruce Lipton. What is offered, along with many proven resources, proves that we all can change our DNAs to become the person we desire.


   Put PEP into your curriculum!

Whether you use all the materials and guidelines of P.A.L. or not, this tool will help you keep a daily record of your child's learning assignments. This is also great for using as proof of each child's personal curriculum and progress. See the Personal Education Plan (PEP)in the above free P.A.L. manual (page 10) to learn how it is used.


  A potentially wonderful and beneficial experience for you and your children, is legally schooling your child from your home. In addition to getting away from government control of curriculum and testing, there are many advantages. Click this Homeschool vs Public School for some links that offer comparisons between public schooling and educating from your home. This growing alternative is best offered by a parent staying home, but it is even an option for working parents. Consider support from local homeschooling groups for ideas, activities, and guidelines.


The Answer To More Effective Schools

A lot of time, energy, and tax payer money is spent on the development of standards that are supposed to set goals or guidelines for schools to implement. Federal imposed standards are currently outlined in the Common Core. The federal government is getting their hands into the education pie, despite not having constitutional authority to do so. As we have seen in the No Child Left Behind and Common Core, it doesn't work. Teaching and testing to the standards has not and is not getting any better results in our schools. Likewise, when states have developed a set of standards in the past, and possibly in the future, they also are doomed. The one-size-fits-all approach to education has never worked and will never attain the results we want because the individual student is neglected. The author proposes a one line standard which all schools, states, districts, and teachers can use as a goal. Here it is: Provide educational opportunities and direction to the levels, needs, and potentials of each and every student. Do we really need more standards than that, when the curriculum is personalized to each student? The author summarizes how this can be accomplished. Remembering the KISS principle, lets keep it simple – and more effective! The proven answer is using the P.A.L. program and the principles of Better Schools summarized above.

Innovative And Comprehensive Treatment for Convicted Felons WE CAN:

Reduce current 74% crime re-offense rate to less than 5%

Cure sex offenders and other unwanted behaviors


Years of experience and study have led to the development of these materials.  The personal approach to achieve the statements above are the result of studying many experts and working with a variety of organizations.  You are invited to review these materials for your free viewing, copying, and use.   Control/Click this link to read/open the  link to Innovative And Comprehensive Treatment For Convicted Felons